Thursday, May 3, 2007

Gay behavior

People with gay (homosexual) direction exist that, in conditions of intolerance and violence or difficult to meet other people of the same sex, maintain heterosexual relations. The repression, homophobia and the opinions of many religions, among them the Islam, the catholic and the Jewish, as well as a great number of Christian sects, force the gay behavior to maintain its sexual direction evening, sometimes pretending before the society to have a heterosexual direction.

The North American culture has coined I finish "in the closet" for referring to this phenomenon. At the present time, there are more people with gay direction who are “leaving the closet” or “they have left closet”, which would be applied to the people who let pretend or repress their sexual direction on the sociery.

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The sexual gay activity with a person of the same sex does not necessarily consider homosexuality like sexual direction, but gay behavior. All those that wish people of the same sex do not identify like homosexuals or bisexuals. Some often have sexual relations with people of the same sex but they are and they are defined as heterosexual. It is then important to distinguish between behavior, direction and homosexual identity, which do not have because to agree. It is the case that occurs in certain circumstances such as the imprisonment in penitentiary centers, since in these they can appear "situational" homosexual relations, although the behavior is heterosexual outside there. The same it can happen for reasons economic or other people's to the will.

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