Thursday, May 3, 2007

Lesbian First Time

There are a lot of things wrapped into first time lesbian sex experience. Doesn't matter if it is your first sexual experience at all, being nervous is completely normal. Hhere I have gathered the most important first time lesbian sex tips.

  • Knowing your Body before start to think how to turn someone else on is a great tip discover how to turn you on, I'm talking about masturbation. Sometimes spending some time one-on-one with your self will let you exactly at the point, as you touch your self you will find out how to turn her on, and most important too, tell her how to turn you on.

  • Go Sober Obviously you'll like to remember your first lesbian sex experience. Sometimes drugs and alcohol can bring down your inhibitions and making the first move may be easier but you won't be able to remember the whole scene if you are drunk.

  • Go Safe Everybody has to worry about their sexual health, lesbians are not the exception to the rule. Sexually transmitted diseases like HIV and AIDS are very dangerous, more if this person is not your usual partner for sex. get inform about safe sex for lesbians and talk with your partner about this important topic. Unfortunately, safe sex for lesbians is not a great topic to talk in lesbians communities.

  • Fantasize If you are ready to have sex with other woman then you are prepared to get fantasies, or at least you have thought about it. Hard moves while engaging, sex toys or having sex in public spaces are common thoughts must beginners have before getting out of the closet.

  • Relax Patience, take your time, don't go straight to sex, touch her breasts, undress her slowly, touch her all over, kiss her elbows and neck. Then slowly suck on her fingers. being naked and mostly aroused for fantastic foreplay is the way for successful first time lesbian sex experiences.

  • Communicate Ask her what she wants and what is going to make her feel comfortable and what makes you feel good. Communication is the principal key for successful first lesbian sex experiences.

  • Have realistic expectations the objective of first lesbian sex experiences are supposed to be to know her body, getting know how to turn her on and learn about the chemistry between you too. Probably orgasm is not going to happen in first time, but that's ok, the point is to get physical, get close to each other and expressing your feelings of desire or love.


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